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Microsoft Grows Subscriber Base 27% to 7 Million But Revenue Lags Behind

Office 365 Home and Personal gained 1.5 million subscribers last quarter, an increase of 27% over the previous quarter, bringing the total number of subscribers to 7.1 million, according to Microsoft’s most recent earnings report. On the surface, that figure is impressive, but the reality is that revenue for this segment of Microsoft’s business only […]

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Buzzfeed Measures Reader Reactions, Not Page Views

Hits. Page Views. Unique Visitors. Duration of Visit. For years, website and blog owners have used traditional website statistics and Google Analytics to measure web traffic. They serve up these stats to their advertisers to show customer engagement. The more eyeballs to their content, the more money they can charge their advertisers. Some sites also […]


Will Apple’s Recent Acquisition Mean Trouble for Digital App Subscriptions?

Apple’s purchase last month of the Dutch digital magazine publishing platform Prss has raised questions about their plans for developing a news aggregation app, potentially crashing the profusion of stand-alone subscription publishing apps. For years Apple has held to a philosophy of allowing print publishers to develop apps and sell digital subscriptions within the App […]


Washington Post Grows Subscriber Base by Expanding into Regional Markets

Earlier this year, the Washington Post announced a Newspaper Partner Program to grow its digital subscriber base. Starting in May, the Post began offering free digital access to its websites and mobile apps to subscribers of more than 120 regional, daily newspapers including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Dallas Morning News and the Toledo Blade. […]

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Video Viewing Survey Yields Surprising Results

Four out of 10 households in the U.S. have digital video subscriptions. This is just one of the statistics that came out of a comScore survey on video viewing habits last week. Given the heavy saturation of advertising of digital video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, it would be easy to assume […]

CBS All Access

CBS and HBO Announce New Digital Video Packages to Engage and Retain Subscribers

Yesterday CBS announced that it is launching a new digital subscription, video on-demand and live streaming service called CBS All Access. For a monthly fee of $5.99, subscribers can see their favorite television shows on or on their mobile devices using iOS and Android apps. According to CBS News, subscribers can view more than […]


Cratejoy Launches Subscription-as-a-Service Software

Have an existing business and a loyal clientele? Cratejoy may just be what you need to take it to the next level. Cratejoy is an Austin, TX-based startup that just this week received $4 million in investor funding. It provides customers with a software platform to create and manage their own online subscription box service, […]

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Digital Magazine Latterly to Rely Solely on Subscription Revenue and Donations

“No ads. No clutter. Just stories.” That’s the promise of new subscription start-up Latterly, an organization devoted to quality, long-form journalism. With plans to launch in November 2014, Latterly says it will offer four journalistic, long-form narratives monthly about people who are either facing change or pushing for it with a focus on social justice, […]

Adapt or Die: FT Shares 4 Subscription Technology Lessons

Adapt or die. Like many traditional media companies, the Financial Times has had to evolve to meet its readers’ changing needs. It could no longer count on revenue from print subscriptions as they declined. Instead, FT had to address online competition head on, and adapt its subscription business model to be more nimble. FT CTO […]