10 Great Holiday Offers from Top Subscription Sites

10 Great Holiday Offers from Top Subscription Sites

The Christmas holiday is just days away, and consumers are running out of time to shop. Savvy subscription sites are taking advantage of shoppers’ anxiety and the Internet’s immediate delivery for digital goods by creating great holiday offers. Here are some of our favorites from top subscription sites that may prove inspirational for Holiday and […]


Google Wallet Ending Payment Processing Service for Digital Goods

If you’re using Google Wallet to process your digital subscription payments, you may want to start looking for another processor. Google stated in an announcement last week that its digital goods API will be retired on March 2, 2015. They also indicated that since Wallet’s 2011 introduction, the payment processing “industry has matured a lot […]

Lessons from HBO's Content Marketing Strategy: Set John Oliver Free But Keep the Paywall

Lessons from HBO’s Content Marketing Strategy: Set John Oliver Free But Keep the Paywall

Should publishers give away their content for free? Matthew Bryan Beck of SayDaily thinks so. That’s what he’s telling readers in his Dec. 11, 2014 article “Why John Oliver’s Digital Strategy is Winning the Internet.” While Beck makes some valid arguments, his reasoning is flawed. Let’s start with the premise. Last Week Tonight with John […]

The Times & The Sunday Times finally turn a profit, after 13 years in the red.

The Times & The Sunday Times post £1.7 million profit, first profit in 13 years

After 13 years in the red, including four years behind a paywall, The Times and The Sunday Times, owned by News U.K., a Rupert Murdoch company, have finished in the black – posting a profit of £1.7 million! Considering its £6 million loss in 2013 and a £70 million loss five years ago, this turnaround […]


Stripe Makes Subscription Billing Easy for Start-Ups, But Seasoned Merchants Should Avoid the High Fees

Much has been made lately of Stripe, an upstart in the realm of web-based payment processing. From powering the payment processing on uber-successful apps like Lyft, and partnering with Apple and Twitter, 2014 was a good year for the four-year-old company. What sets Stripe apart is that it’s built on agility for startups, allowing them […]


Facebook Nudging Publishers to Spend Money for Sponsored Posts

Facebook has become a massive engine for content dissemination, driving three times the referral traffic of all other social networks combined. With a pool of 1.35 billion users, the potential is great for publisher sites to reach a wide audience. Yet last month Facebook announced it is going to punish overly self-promotional brands by de-emphasizing […]


Google Leaves CAPTCHA Behind in Favor of New API

Google is ditching CAPTCHA in favor of a simple check box, according to a blog post on their website. For those unaware, CAPTCHA is that annoying little box with a sequence of nonsensical letters and numbers, and a necessary evil for secure customer identification. But in recent years, the technology has failed to foil Internet […]


Spotify Continues to Navigate Uncharted Waters for Subscription Streaming Music Services

As we have reported on these pages before, Spotify is an interesting case to watch as they attempt to bring online music streaming to mass audiences while fairly compensating the artists who make the music, essentially trying to right the fifteen-year-old wrong that is digital file sharing. Spotify is succeeding at compensating artists where otherwise […]

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Sony Challenges Cable TV with PlayStation Vue, a Web-Based, Subscription TV Service

Last month the New York Times reported that Sony is testing a new, web-based, subscription TV service – PlayStation Vue. Now in beta testing in New York, Sony is offering over-the-top (OTT), live and on-demand television to select viewers in a 75-channel package including CBS, NBC, Fox, Comedy Central and the Food Network. Viewers must […]