Subscription site industry news

Authority Media Network Acquires Subscription Site Insider

We are pleased to announce that Subscription Content and our sister publication, Subscription Site Insider have been acquired. Here is the full text of today’s announcement: Authority Media Network, LLC Acquires Subscription Site Insider from InfoCommerce Group, Inc. Information Industry Veteran, Kathy Greenler Sexton, Named CEO & Publisher Boston, MA –October 1, 2014:   Authority Media […]


‘Digital First’ FT Redesigns Print Edition to Engage Subscribers

After studying subscriber habits, the self-described “digital first” Financial Times launched a redesign of its newspaper last month to complement its online and mobile news products. Retaining the traditional salmon color and broadsheet format, FT refreshed the look of its front page, adding color graphics and a new typeface. With a primary focus on digital […]


Monthly Digital Subscriptions Boost Scribd to 80 Million Monthly Readers

Just a year into its shift to a subscription-based, online library, Scribd is already seeing big benefits including 80 million monthly readers from over 100 countries. Starting out in the free, digital document-sharing business, Scribd switched things up last fall, banking instead on a subscription-based, online library reminiscent of Netflix. At a cost of $8.99 […]

New York Times

‘Watching’ Likely to Boost NYT Retention Rates by Aggregating News from Other Sources

The New York Times launched a new aggregation feature on its homepage, indicating that The Grey Lady is willing to admit she’s not the only news that’s fit to print. “Watching” is a Twitter-like feed that includes news from sources like the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters and the Associated Press, as well as headlines, multimedia […]

Harvard Business Review

3 Tips from Harvard Business Review on Getting Value from ‘Old’ Content

While legacy publications have been slower to transition to digital platforms, they often have an advantage over new, digitally native publications: a decades- or centuries-long archive that can be monetized for retention and cross-sells. In a recent interview with Folio Magazine, Sarah McConville, Harvard Business Review’s VP of Marketing, shared tips from HBR’s success in […]

Adobe creative cloud

Adobe Makes $547 Million from Subscriptions with 2.81 Million Subscribers to Creative Cloud

We’ve written a bit about Adobe’s transition from a one-time software license model to a subscription-only revenue model. While there have been some glitches with pricing psychology, it looks like the model is succeeding in transitioning customers and holding annual revenues steady. Seeking Alpha reports that Adobe has garnered $547 million in subscription revenue so […]

VAT Europe

Changes to Value-Added Tax Make Subscription Sales More Cumbersome in Europe

When selling digital subscriptions to European-based customers, it’s important to know the intricacies of the Value-Added Tax, a special tax intended to reap revenues from print newspapers and magazines, but an archaic, cumbersome system for digital publishers. And the system is about to get even more complicated. Starting in January 2015, the European Union wants digital […]

Indiegogo Forever Funding

New Market for Subscription Revenue: Crowdfunding Enthusiasts

As I’ve said before, there are a few tried-and-true niches for subscription content: business and professional information, financial news, sporting fans, and enthusiasts. The last leaves the most room for exploration and new launches in the subscription model as almost any past-time, hobby or lifestyle can lend itself to an enthusiast crowd. After all, even companies can have enthusiasts, […]

Politico Axel Springer Europe

Politico Confirms Partnership with Axel Springer to Launch European Edition

Washington, DC-based subscription news site Politico is teaming up with Berlin-based media company Axel Springer to launch a European news site based in Brussels, according to a press release issued by Politico. The new site will be dedicated to “offering in-depth coverage of European politics and policy,” particularly centered on the European Union, which is headquartered […]


HBO Go May Finally Allow Online Subscriptions while Encyclopaedia Britannica Considers Going Free

After three years, HBO may finally listen to its users and make it possible for consumers to subscriber directly to the cable channel’s online video streaming platform, HBO Go. Meanwhile, Encyclopaedia Britannica is adopting an ad-supported model for its digital encyclopedia, even though subscriptions account for 75% of’s revenue. First the HBO Go development… Atthe 23rd […]