The New Yorker

Is The New Yorker Making a Mistake by Choosing a Metered Paywall?

This month, The New Yorker launched a metered paywall, allowing visitors six free articles before being asked to subscribe for $12 for 12 weeks or $60 a year ($70 for a print+digital subscription). While we applaud The New Yorkers instinct to value its online-only content, we can’t help wondering — Is a metered paywall really […]


Blloon Re-Invents Subscription Model for eBooks

A new app that originated in Germany and is soon coming to America has an interesting pricing model that encourages word-of-mouth subscription registrations. Blloon is an eBook app with a “catalogue of almost one million titles” that offers users a freemium subscription model. The “Free” level requires no up front subscription fees, just registration with […]


Subscription Streaming Spending Tops 1 Billion in Q3 of 2014

No corporate demise of the past ten years was more evident than that of Blockbuster Video. The stores that were once ubiquitous across America were gone seemingly overnight, killed by the convenience of Netflix. While Blockbuster was the most famous casualty of the switch from physical to digital media, the numbers continue to grow favorably […]

YouTube Music Key

YouTube’s Music Key Jumps on the Ad-Free Subscription Bandwagon

Last week YouTube announced the launch of Music Key, a new premium subscription service that will let subscribers stream high-quality, ad-free music, videos, covers, playlists, remixes and more. Music Key will differentiate itself from services like Spotify and Pandora with unique features. For $9.99 a month, subscribers can listen to music with or without video, […]


Monthly Digital Subscription Costs Overtaking Cable Television

Monthly digital subscription costs are overtaking those of Cable TV, and not many consumers seem to care. The growing devolution of paid television consumption continues as subscribers leave cable in growing numbers. According to Frank N. Magrid Associates, 2.9% of paying TV customers are “very likely” to cancel their service in the year ahead, up […]

microsoft office 365

Microsoft Offers Refunds to Subscribers After Making Office 365 Free on Mobile Platforms

Shortly after announcing third quarter results, including a gain of 1.5 million subscribers, Microsoft made an unexpected move – it started offering the mobile version of Office 365 to consumers for FREE. Starting November 6, consumers can now download Office 365 for iPads, iPhones and Google Android devices for free. Moreover, users can now create […]

Economist Launches a Daily Jolt of News with Economist Espresso

Economist Launches a Daily Jolt of News with Economist Espresso

On November 6, The Economist announced the launch of The Economist Espresso, a daily jolt of concise news specifically for smartphone users. Available in three editions – the Americas, Europe and Asia –Espresso will offer mobile subscribers a weekday morning briefing of global news stories and market updates that can be consumed in five minutes […]

Redshelf logo

Are Subscription Models Next for Academic Textbooks?

Ask anyone who attended college what their largest expense was after tuition and they are most likely to tell you, aside from adult beverages, that textbook purchases burned the largest hole in their wallet. There are signs, however, that the time-honored tradition of purchasing seemingly hundreds of pounds of paper at the beginning of the […]

toronto star logo small

Toronto Star Abandons Paywall for Free Tablet Edition with a $14 Million Price Tag

Last week Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, announced its plans to tear down its subscriber paywall in favor of a free digital tablet edition. The investment, which could cost as much as $14 million, will occur over the course of the next year and will be done in partnership with La Presse, which launched […]

WWE logo

With 731,000 Subscribers, WWE Falls Short of Goals for New Streaming Video Service

In February of this year, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promised to give wrestling fans 24/7 access to their favorite wrestlers and events by switching from a pay-per-view revenue model to an over-the-top (OTT) subscription model. As we reported in January, the new 24-hour streaming WWE Network offers scheduled programming, exclusive content including 12 live events, […]