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Overlays are #1 Opt-In Tactic for Growing Email Lists, Report Says

Home-grown email lists are far more valuable to marketers than lists bought from third parties. But what’s the best way to grow your email list organically? According to the executives surveyed for our Email Marketing Benchmark Report, lightbox overlays are the #1 tactic for gaining opt-in email addresses. In fact, 90% of respondents said overlays were

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Google Names New Subscription Music Service, Spotify Launches in Canada

There’s been rumors for months that Google is planning on launching a subscription music service on YouTube, and now the rumor mill is saying the search giant plans to name the service “YouTube Music Key.” The service will “offer ad-free playback, the ability to save songs and videos for offline listening, and an audio-only interface

Washington Post Flirts with Placing Amazon ‘Buy Now’ Button in Article – Should You?

There was a blip in the Twitterverse last week when The Washington Post temporarily added a “Buy Now” button in line with article text for a story on the new cover art for the children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The move sparked concern from some, but gratitude by others, for what seemed to be an

News Corp Garners $2.86 Billion from Subscriptions in 2014

During its first full year earnings call since splitting off from 21st Century Fox, News Corp announced that it had generated $8.57 billion in total revenues in 2014, down 4% from $8.89 billion in 2013. Subscriptions and circulation for the company’s print and digital products accounted for $2.86 billion, or 33% of total revenues. Subscription

Like, NFL Launches Digital Subscription Service, But Focuses on App and Set-Top Boxes

For years, Major League Baseball has been turning a pretty penny through its online subscription site Now the National Football League is looking to rack up similar digital revenues. The NFL just launched NFL Now, a video freemium app available through mobile, desktop, and a variety of set-top boxes. The app is taking advantage of new

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