Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Subscription Sites Find Little Use in Buying Third-Party Email Lists

According to our new Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the large majority of subscription sites find little use in buying third-party list of email addresses. As we’ve discussed before, email marketing is the #1 subscriber acquisition tactic, but that’s only when you build your own in-house email lists. According to our survey of more than 70 subscription

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Case Study Lessons: Nonprofit News Site Targets 3 Audience Segments for Membership AND Subscription Sales

Industry professionals like to refer to memberships and subscriptions as either interchangeable or mutually exclusive, but perhaps as Chip and Dan Heath discuss in Decisive, thinking OR instead of AND is the beginning of a bad decision. The Texas Tribune, a digitally native nonprofit news site in Austin, proves this point. Publisher and COO Tim Griggs

Netflix Adds 1.69 Million Subscribers in Q2, Reaching 50 Million Total Subscribers

Netflix added 1.69 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2014, largely in part to the release of the season two of “Orange is the New Black” and World Cup coverage, according to reports issued by the streaming video giant. That puts Netflix total subscriber base above 50 million, an impressive feat for a subscription site that

Paid Content Newsletters Get Higher-Than-Average Open Rates

Even though email marketing is the #1 marketing tactic for acquiring new subscribers, there are little industry benchmarks for subscription and premium content publishers. Most of the email stats out there are concerned with use content marketing to sell products and services, not content itself. That’s why we surveyed more than 70 subscription marketers and digital publishers

NatGeo Teams Up with Epic eBooks and LinkedIn Buys Newsle

Two smart moves by two smart giants in the subscription industry. One, National Geographic has teamed up with Epic eBooks,  to make its eBook titles available to more children through Epic’s iPhone and iPad apps. National Geographic will be offering titles like Dog Finds Lost Dolphins from the popular National Geographic Kids Chapters series, Sharks from the leveled

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