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Subscription Sites Need to Improve Onboarding Practices, New Report Says

The majority of subscription sites are failing to leverage the power of email marketing for retention and renewals, according to Subscription Site Insider’s new Email Marketing Benchmark Report for Subscription Content. According to data gathered this spring, 37% of subscription marketers are only sending one onboarding email to new subscribers. Furthermore, only 7% are sending

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LinkedIn Subscription Revenue Rises 44% to $105 Million in Q2

LinekdIn announced its quarterly earnings this week, stating its total revenue for Q2 was $534 million, an increase of 47% compared to $364 million in the second quarter of 2013. More notably, 20%, or $105 million, was from premium subscriptions alone. That’s a 44% increase over subscription revenue in Q2 of 2013, which is impressive for

Google Searching for Subscription Revenue with Twitch Acquisition and Google Maps B2B Play

Google seems to be on a frenzied search for subscription revenues, given their recent acquisitions and launches. First, the search engine giant and parent company of YouTube bought Twitch, a subscription site for live streaming of video game playing, for $1 billion. The sale (which was rumored for months) finally allows YouTube to offer live streaming and create

Case Study Lessons: Nonprofit News Site Targets 3 Audience Segments for Membership AND Subscription Sales

Industry professionals like to refer to memberships and subscriptions as either interchangeable or mutually exclusive, but perhaps as Chip and Dan Heath discuss in Decisive, thinking OR instead of AND is the beginning of a bad decision. The Texas Tribune, a digitally native nonprofit news site in Austin, proves this point. Publisher and COO Tim Griggs

Subscription Sites Find Little Use in Buying Third-Party Email Lists

According to our new Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the large majority of subscription sites find little use in buying third-party list of email addresses. As we’ve discussed before, email marketing is the #1 subscriber acquisition tactic, but that’s only when you build your own in-house email lists. According to our survey of more than 70 subscription

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