Financial Times Gets 23% of Special Offer Subscription Sales Through Twitter Advertising

While many investors might be wondering if Twitter’s impending IPO will be as inflated as Facebook’s, subscription marketers are still trying to grapple with how effective social media is for paid content sales.

And more so, whether advertising on social media is ever worth the time and money.

Fortunately, we were able to unearth a helpful Case Study Examples from The Financial Times’ experiment with Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

In celebration of their 125th anniversary, The Financial Times (FT) created a special $125 subscription offer (£125 in the UK and €125 in Ireland). It then announced and promoted the offer through Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

Financial Times Twitter Promoted Tweets

Note how FT used a branded hashtag, and limited time offer (24 hrs) and a vanity URL to direct prospects to a special landing page. These tactics are keying to driving traffic from social media to your site.

In the end, FT reported that 23% of subscriptions for the special promotion came from Twitter. In addition, The number of followers rose by 117% on the day of the offer, thereby expanding FT’s circle of influence and prospects in the coming months.

If you’re interested to discover other Case Study Examples of real subscription sites that have successfully used Twitter advertising to drive sales, as well as the difference between Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts and how much you need to budget for campaigns, then you’ll want to check out How-To on Twitter Advertising by becoming a PRO member today!