The Globe and Mail Launches Dashboard With Paywall

The big news this week is that Canadian paper The Globe and Mail has joined the paywall bandwagon with “Globe Unlimited.”

With a 10-article meter, The Globe and Mail seems to have taken its cue from The New York Times (the site also allows visitors to come in under the meter through social media and gives weekly print subscribers free access).

However, what I find most interesting is that the site has also launched a sophisticated dashboard.

The dashboard lets Globe Unlimited subscribers follow a company or article topic, save articles, and create a personalized stock ticker. This is ingenious because it makes the digital subscription more valuable — and its a great retention tactic!

The dashboard is soon to be available via any platform — including tablet and mobile versions of The Globe and Mail — also making it a huge benefit to subscribers by offering a seamless reading (and archiving) experience.

As I’ve said over and over, the more you use Web-based technologies to offer readers something they can’t get in print, the more willing consumers will be to pay for digital access to your site and content.